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ChongQuing Hotpot December 29, 2005

Posted by danh in Cooking.

On my recent trip to China, I enjoyed a extremely hot yet painfully enjoyable hotpot dish while I was in Beijing.  It was a little cold in Beijing during my trip, with weather hovering in the mid 40s.  I think it was this cold that made the dish so delicious and bearable in spite of its overpowering spices. 

To give a little background on the this dish, it’s a rather typical hotpot recipe much like Shabu-Shabu where the there’s a savory broth into which you would dip different raw ingredients such as beef, shrimp, fish balls, green leafy vegetables such as watercress and bok-choy.  You get to order these dipping dishes a-la-carte, which I particularly enjoyed since you get to pick and choose what you like.

The unique feature of ChongQuing Hotpot is that it consists of two halves, one spicy and one not so spicy.  I personally like the spicy side but sometime, I redip into the non-spicy side to dampen the pain.

 I’m still working on the recipe for this dish as I have made it several times at home.  I’ll be posting it when I get all the details worked out.



1. EvilSpudBoy - December 29, 2005

Fish balls? That’s gotta hurt, if your a fish. Seriously, though, I’m looking forward to you posting the recipe, I might even try to make it.

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